About Research

HealthpointCapital has a dedicated Research team on whose insight into markets, technologies and trends industry professionals have come to rely. Through conference attendance, Scientific Advisory Board interaction, trade group membership, news coverage and blog publication, the team has established itself as both a leading resource and an active participant in the industry. The Research team’s unique role and knowledge base inform and strengthen the Firm’s industry relationships.

Most notably, the Research team:

  • Attends major industry conferences globally to remain up-to-date on product and clinical trends and interface with executive, surgeon and analyst communities.
  • Reports breaking news and provides topical analysis on the only musculoskeletal industry blog.
  • Champions favorable regulatory and market conditions for medical device innovators through membership in the Medical Device Manufacturers Association (MDMA).
  • Leverages HealthpointCapital's Scientific Advisory Board, comprised of industry thought leaders who are actively involved with HealthpointCapital, for clinical counsel and recommendations.
  • Maintains a proprietary database of more than 1,500 companies.

Central to HealthpointCapital's research program is industry publication. The Firm offers a free musculoskeletal industry blog that alerts industry professionals, surgeons and distributors to major news events such as an FDA product clearance, management hires or M&A events. The blog has been highly successful, so much so that reading the HealthpointCapital blog has become a daily routine for many industry executives. The Research team also has published a free iPhone app and Kindle distribution, for one-touch mobile access to industry news. The Firm has been able to achieve an extraordinary musculoskeletal industry presence and a highly competitive level of brand awareness as the industry's investor of choice.