Portfolio Companies

alphatec-product.jpgAlphatec Spine, Inc. is one of the largest independent developers and manufacturers of implants for the surgical treatment of spine disorders. The company is primarily focused on the aging spine which allows it to use its broad product portfolio and pipeline to address one of the highest growth sectors in the orthopedics and spine industry. Since the Firm's March 2005 acquisition, Alphatec has attracted world class management talent, expanded its infrastructure and manufacturing capabilities and grown revenues organically by a factor of seven from $17 million to over $130 million. In June 2006, Alphatec completed an $84 million initial public offering, and the Company has raised an additional $163 million through subsequent public offerings. In March 2010, Alphatec acquired Scient'x Groupe, SAS, greatly expanding Alphatec's global reach and adding the Scient'x technologies to Alphatec's U.S. distribution. Subsequent to the merger, Alphatec raised $80 million in a public equity offering. The combined companies are positioned to become the seventh largest spine company in the world in 2010. Alphatec is headquartered in Carlsbad, California and has over 300 employees worldwide.



biohorizons_product.jpgBioHorizons, Inc. is a medical technology company focused on developing, manufacturing and marketing a broad line of innovative, proprietary and evidence-based dental implants, as well as hard and soft tissue regeneration products, for the replacement of missing teeth. The company has designed its dental implant product portfolio to address the clinical requirements in implant dentistry. Its implant products feature their proprietary Laser-LokĀ® platform technology as well as its enhanced biomechanically-engineered threads. The company is the sixth-largest dental implant company in the North American market and has been growing faster than the market due to its technology and customer service. BioHorizons is headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama and has 244 employees worldwide.


Blue Belt Logo Blue Belt was founded in 2003 and is based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Its flagship product, the Navio Precision Freehand Sculptor, is a compact, handheld, intelligent tool used to assist the surgeon in accurate bone cutting. The technology uses robotics and navigation software and eliminates the need for the jigs and guides currently used in bone cutting and shaping procedures. It provides the opportunity for surgeons and hospitals to acquire comprehensive surgical robotics capabilities for a fraction of the cost of existing systems and solutions. The Navio PFS enables surgeons to perform operations through smaller incisions with increased visualization, making the procedures less invasive and creates opportunities for new procedures and approaches in the future. Initially focused on the unicondylar knee market, this technology also has applications in the hip, extremities, neuro and dental markets.


China Rehabilitation Logo

China Rehabilitation, Ltd. ("China Rehab") is a company formed in Beijing, China that will provide postoperative, outpatient orthopedic rehabilitation services to private pay patients having recently undergone multiple forms of orthopedic surgical interventions. The pilot rehabilitation facility will be located adjacent to Beijing's leading orthopedic hospital, Ji Shui Tan (JST). The business plan is to roll out a chain of branded for-profit outpatient facilities starting in Beijing and expanding to other major cities such as Shanghai, Guongzhou and Chengdu.

ImplantMicroDental Laboratories Inc. is the leading high-end dental laboratory. The company is a pioneer in digital dentistry, has adopted innovative processes and uses the latest and most reliable automation systems. MicroDental's labs are service-oriented, with dedicated teams providing product, technical and case support, all of which are staffed with highly-trained and experienced technicians. The company is a full-service laboratory for 6,500 dentists in 50 states and six countries, making it the fourth-largest dental laboratory in the world. MicroDental is headquartered in Dublin, California, with 15 sites and 700 employees throughout North America.


ActivatorOrthoAccel has commercialized an orthodontic device called AcceleDentTM that significantly reduces the treatment time of any type of orthodontic bracing or aligning process. The treatment time reduction is between 30% and 50%. OrthoAccel is the true First Mover in its field having conducted a successful prospective randomized FDA clinical trial with AcceleDentTM and achieving subsequent FDA approval. The Company has no direct competition and is selling AcceleDentTM both in the USA and in a dozen countries globally. OrthoAccel is based in Houston, Texas.


OrthoSpace is a privately held medical device company located in Caesarea, Israel. The Company’s product, InSpace, is an orthopedic biodegradable balloon system that is simple, safe and a minimally invasive method that addresses unmet clinical needs in rotator cuff repair. InSpace is CE Marked and commercialized in Europe and Israel and has been granted an Investigational Device Exemption (IDE) to initiate a pivotal human clinical study of the system in the United States.


scientx-product.jpgScient'x Groupe, SAS is a global medical device company that designs and develops surgical implants for the degenerative spine. In March 2010, Alphatec acquired Scient'x at a valuation of over $150 million. At that time, Scient'x was the largest independent spine company outside of the United States. Its international distribution network consists of worldwide distributors in over 50 countries and has a direct sales force in France, Italy and the U.K. The Scient'x global surgeon education and training network augments its global distribution capabilities. Core to the company's 20 year history of success in spine are differentiated products, notably dynamic fusion and cervical disc arthroplasty. Scient'x is based in Paris, France.



Prior Investment

nexa-product.jpgNexa Orthopedics, Inc. was founded in 2004 by HealthpointCapital to create the pre-eminent company in extremities surgery through a program of business investments, technology in-licensing, internal development and acquisition. The investment opportunity in the highly fragmented market was based on consolidation and scale, and driven by differentiated technology. In February 2005, Nexa acquired Futura Biomedical, LLC. Futura manufactured and distributed the only complete line of forefoot arthroplasty products and was a leading innovator of implants for the correction of flexible flatfoot deformities. In the summer of 2005, Nexa acquired the StayFuse product line from Pioneer Surgical. Nexa also partnered with OsteoBiologics, Inc. for US distribution of OBI products in hand, foot and ankle surgery. In November 2005, Nexa acquired BioProfile S.A., a French manufacturer of orthopedic extremity products utilizing its novel pyrocarbon. In September 2006, Nexa acquired Axiom Orthopaedics, Inc., a leading innovator in the shoulder arthroplasty market.

HealthpointCapital Partners sold Nexa Orthopedics, Inc. to Tornier in February 2007. The sale of Nexa provided HealthpointCapital Partners, L.P. a 75% internal rate of return on its investment.