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Orthopedic and Dental Industry News

June 2003

The allograft industry post-CryoLife BY EDITOR, JUNE 30, 2003

It's been 19 months since a surgeon in central Minnesota unknowingly implanted a c.sordelli contaminated allograft tissue into a healthy 23 year old male. It's been 15 months since the Centers for Disease Control published its first findings from the... more

Smith and Nephew's Oxinium technology driving 70% year-over-year sales jump BY EDITOR, JUNE 23, 2003

Smith and Nephew's large joint recon business is a muscular enterprise. In its preview of the first half, SNN's management reported that orthopedic revenues are expected to rise 15% year-over-year (YOY), with knees leading the way at a 22% growth... more

What's an Orthopedic Implant Manufacturer worth? BY EDITOR, JUNE 23, 2003

The most valuable orthopedic company in world according to Wall Street is Stryker (SYK:NYSE) at $13.9 billion. With sales this year expected to top $3.5 billion and earnings to clear $2.15 per share, Wall Street is willing to pay 32x... more

10 Felony Counts Against Guidant! BY EDITOR, JUNE 16, 2003

Yes, it is cardiovascular. But the issue hits all medical device companies. How bad could this get? Do you remember the Pedicle Screw cases? That bad, maybe worse if jail time develops. What happened? Last Thursday Guidant was charged with... more

METRx X-Tube is Cool BY EDITOR, JUNE 16, 2003

Sofamor Danek didn't pay us to say that, we just like the look of this new product. 250,000 patients a year decide to undergo a discectomy operation to “deflate the tire” of a herniated disc. Satisfaction rates are routinely 95%+.... more

It's the World Series of Orthopedic Poker BY EDITOR, JUNE 16, 2003

On Tuesday of this week, Zimmer's offer becomes official. We think Smith and Nephew will call Zimmer and raise. To stay in, Zimmer will likely have to throw more chips in the pot. Of course, we don't quite know what's... more

Orthopedic Urge to Merge Strongest Since 1998. How long will it continue? BY EDITOR, JUNE 9, 2003

Abbot's offer last week of up to $210 million for Spinal Concepts brings the announced number of transactions this year to 5 and the amount to be spent to $2.7 billion. If we include what is likely to be a... more

Countdown to Zimmer's Offer BY EDITOR, JUNE 9, 2003

It's 8 days and counting. There's been quite a bit of maneuvering on both sides but until Zimmer's offer is official on June 17th, 2003, nothing of substance can happen. This is patently obvious on the Centerpulse website which gives... more

Shareholders sue Genzyme Biosurgery BY EDITOR, JUNE 2, 2003

We didn't specifically see this coming, but we're not surprised. A seriously disgruntled group of Genzyme Biosurgery's shareholders have filed suit against Genzyme Biosurgery. We commented on Genzyme's ending of the tracking stock mechanism three weeks ago as follows: “Some... more

The Battle for the Hearts and Minds of Centerpulse Shareholders BY EDITOR, JUNE 2, 2003

Smith and Nephew (SNN) appeared to be gaining ground last week against Zimmer's strong bid to acquire Swiss based Centerpulse as the Financial Times of London published a series of stories that called into question the stability of Zimmer's offer.... more

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