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Orthopedic and Dental Industry News

November 2003

dj Orthopedics signs Premier deal BY EDITOR, NOVEMBER 24, 2003

On Tuesday of last week, dj Orthpopedis announced that the company has been awarded a three-year supply contract with Premier Purchasing Partners LP - a firm supplying group purchasing, procurement strategy and outsourcing and e-commerce services to approximately 1,600 U.S.... more

Conference Focus on Materials BY EDITOR, NOVEMBER 24, 2003

At the 78th annual reunion of the Société Française de Chirurgie Orthopédique et Traumatologique (SO.F.C.O.T.) held last week in Paris, the focus was clearly on new materials - ceramics, plastics and biologics. And among the most successful new materials companies... more

The Krispy Kanary in the Orthopedic Mine is singing BY EDITOR, NOVEMBER 24, 2003

Like much of orthopedics, Krispy Kreme sells a lifestyle product. And the basic emotion encompassed in that product is comfort. For eighty five cents, Krispy Kreme delivers a nearly perfect, melt in your month donut and, with that, a happy,... more

Orthofix Buys Breg... combined sales rise to nearly $300 million and moves OFIX's estimated 2004 EPS to $2.60 from an estimated $1.70 in 2003. BY EDITOR, NOVEMBER 24, 2003

Charlie Federico liked his Physio-Stim distributor so much, that he decided to buy the company – for $150 million or 2.6x sales. This will be, by far, the largest transaction in Orthofix's history – and, we think, qualifies and that... more

Merrill Lynch downgrades Smith and Nephew BY EDITOR, NOVEMBER 24, 2003

About a year ago, Merrill downgraded the entire orthopedics industry saying that revenue growth rates were about to moderate from 2002's blistering 14% growth rates. Medicare was the proximate reason. Unfortunately (for Merrill) orthopedic revenues accelerated in 2003 to 18%... more

Smith and Nephew merge with Stryker? BY EDITOR, NOVEMBER 5, 2003

Earlier today, Reuters published a short story recounting an occasional rumor that Smith & Nephew (SNN) and Stryker (SYK) are in merger discussions. It is a rumor and may very well prove false, but the logic is strong. Here's our... more

What do the European Spine Journal, the American Society of Extra-Corporeal Technology and the Advances in Therapy Journal have in common? BY EDITOR, NOVEMBER 3, 2003

They all carried studies confirming the benefits of AGF. Despite one reviewers comment at NASS that there is a “paucity” of data regarding autologous growth factors (AGF) or other concentrated platelet products, there are at least three peer reviewed clinical... more

Kyphon has the look of a juggernaut BY EDITOR, NOVEMBER 3, 2003

KYPH, as it has each quarter since coming public, significantly outperformed both sales and earnings expectations last quarter. The numbers tell the story: $35.1 million in sales vs. $33.6 estimate and $20.7 million for the same period the year before.... more

Encore Prints More Money BY EDITOR, NOVEMBER 3, 2003

There are two ways to print money if you are a private citizen; counterfeit it – and we all know where that leads – or print stock certificates. Encore announced that it intends to print another 7 million shares. That... more

Oh yes, and Dynamite Comes in Small Packages, too. BY EDITOR, NOVEMBER 3, 2003

Demineralized Bone Matrix may have picograms of BMP, but it still delivers the goods to both patients and surgeons. We were wrong... really off base... last week when we took the bait offered in a NASS presentation and declared that... more

Orthopedics Growing 2.5x Faster than U.S. GDP BY EDITOR, NOVEMBER 3, 2003

For the third quarter, with three more companies yet to report, public orthopedic companies have reported that their sales grew 17.5% on a year-over-year basis. To put that into perspective, U.S. GDP grew at a 7.2% annual rate in the... more

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