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Musculoskeletal Allograft Quiz BY EDITOR, NOVEMBER 8, 2006

February 2010 update: This report is no longer available for purchase. Learn more here.

Even though processor scandals have tainted the allograft business, human bone graft isn't going away anytime soon. It's too important to spinal fusion and many other orthopedic procedures.

We just finished our latest report -- an introduction to the allograft business -- and wanted to test your knowledge of the sector. (Answers are below.)

1. The FDA began regulating tissue banks in:
   a) 1950
   b) 1971
   c) 1987
   d) 1993

2. In the wake of the recent allograft scandals, you should expect this amount of new FDA regulation in the next few years:
   a) None
   b) Very little
   c) Some
   d) A lot

3. Tissue processing can be conducted by for-profit entities:
   a) True
   b) False

4. The clinical disadvantages of synthetic bone graft material may include:
   a) Limited osteoconductivity and osteoinductivity
   b) Inferior handling characteristics
   c) Minimal initial structural support
   d) All of the above.

5. In 2006, the FDA plans to conduct the following number of tissue bank inspections:
   a) 25
   b) 100
   c) 275
   d) 525

If you're new to the orthopedic business, you know that the allograft sector is uniquely structured and regulated. There is a lot to learn, and our latest research report is a great introduction to allograft.

"Musculoskeletal Allograft in the US" is available for $279 here.

Read the table of contents and a free sample chapter to learn more.

Answers: D, A, A, D, C.

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