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Orthopedic and Dental Industry News

August 2009

Hip Fractures on the Decline in Canada BY LAUREN UZDIENSKI, AUGUST 31, 2009

New data published in the Journal of the American Medical Association show a steady decline in hip fractures in Canada from 1985 through 2005. While the absolute number of fractures increased over that period based on the increasing elderly population,... more

Musculoskeletal News Roundup Aug-27-09 BY LAUREN UZDIENSKI, AUGUST 27, 2009

Earnings Corin reported 1H:09 sales of GBP 20.1 million ($33.0 million), down 25% over 1H:08 after adjusting for currency and beating estimates by GBP 2.1 million ($3.5 million). Outside the U.S., revenues increased by 10%, which the company attributed to... more

Industry Private Placements Alive and Well BY JOHN MCCORMICK, AUGUST 26, 2009

Last week's $75 million private placement in Arthrocare (ARTC.PK) was not a one off event. It was more like a sign of the times. Private placements are investments in a company where the investor is a small group of chosen... more

Medtronic's FQ1:10 Shows Stability in Spine BY LAUREN UZDIENSKI, AUGUST 26, 2009

Medtronic announced their FQ1:10 results on Tuesday, which included $915 million in spine revenues. This reflects an 8% (constant currency) increase over the year-ago period, though it should be noted that Medtronic had about an extra week of selling days... more

Sea Worm Provides Model for Surgical Adhesive BY LAUREN UZDIENSKI, AUGUST 24, 2009

Scientists at the University of Utah have uncovered a way to produce a synthetic adhesive based on a natural glue created by the sandcastle worm. This ocean worm builds its home by sticking pieces of sand and shells together, and... more

Musculoskeletal News Roundup 20-Aug-09 BY LAUREN UZDIENSKI, AUGUST 20, 2009

Earnings aap Implantate reported 1H:09 sales of EUR 14.7 million ($20.7 million), representing a 10% decreased from 1H:08. Adjusting for one-time income, sales were down 3%, and in the second half of 2009, the company "anticipates a recovery in demand... more

FDA Panel Votes Against Durolane BY LAUREN UZDIENSKI, AUGUST 19, 2009

An FDA panel determined in a 6-1 vote that Q-Med's single-injection Durolane, a hyaluronic acid, should not receive market approval. The panel raised efficacy concerns based on study data showing limited benefit for the product compared to placebo. The panel... more

FDA Panel Recommends DePuy's Ceramic-on-Metal Hip for Approval BY LAUREN UZDIENSKI, AUGUST 18, 2009

An FDA panel unanimously determined on Tuesday that DePuy's ceramic-on-metal hip, the Pinnacle CoMplete, is safe and effective, essentially recommending it for market approval. The panel also recommended modifying the labeling and undertaking a post-market study as conditions for approval.... more

Protein May Predict Severe Osteoarthritis BY LAUREN UZDIENSKI, AUGUST 18, 2009

Researchers have identified a protein marker that predicts the onset of severe OA, according to a study published in the journal Arthritis & Rheumatism. Seeking an OA predictor apart from age and weight, scientists focused on vascular cell adhesion molecule... more

Vertebral and Hip Fractures Associated with Increased Mortality Risk BY LAUREN UZDIENSKI, AUGUST 17, 2009

According to a study published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, patients 50 and older who suffer vertebral and hip fractures may also have an increased risk of mortality. Results showed that 16% of people who develop a vertebral fracture... more

CDRH Director Resigns BY LAUREN UZDIENSKI, AUGUST 13, 2009

FDA's director of the Center for Devices and Radiological Health, Dr. Daniel Schultz, is resigning his post following a "mutual agreement" with FDA commissioner Margaret Hamburg. The news follows complaints from critics that Schultz's oversight of the device industry may... more

Stem Cells Generate Replacement Tooth in a Mouse Model BY LAUREN UZDIENSKI, AUGUST 13, 2009

Researchers in Japan have successfully used stem cells to grow a tooth in a mouse model in what the Wall Street Journal calls "the first time scientists have developed a fully functioning three-dimensional organ replacement." The replacement tooth's structure, hardness... more

Musculoskeletal News Roundup 13-Aug-09 BY LAUREN UZDIENSKI, AUGUST 13, 2009

Earnings BioMimetic Therapeutics reported 2Q:09 royalty and sublicense revenue of $0.4 million, missing estimates by $0.1 million. The company reported a net loss of $6.3 million, or $0.32 per share, beating estimates by $0.17. Among the highlights for the quarter... more

Complications in Thoracic and Lumbar Pedicle Screw Fixation BY EDITOR, AUGUST 12, 2009

As part of our collaboration with ArgoSpine, we're republishing select content from the ArgoSpine News and Journal for our audience. The article below, written by Evalina Burger of the Spine Center at the University of Colorado Hospital, was first published... more

Cervical Fusion, Cervical Disc Arthroplasty Relieve Headaches BY LAUREN UZDIENSKI, AUGUST 10, 2009

Patients who receive cervical fusion or disc arthroplasty to treat radiculopathy or myelopathy may also experience a reduction in associated headaches, according to a new study published in JBJS. Researchers analyzed data from roughly 1,000 patients participating in the Prestige... more

NEJM Studies Challenge the Efficacy of Vertebroplasty BY LAUREN UZDIENSKI, AUGUST 7, 2009

Two studies published this week in the New England Journal of Medicine cast doubts over the efficacy of vertebroplasty. The first study, conducted in Australia, randomized 78 patients in a multicenter, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial in which participants with one or... more

Musculoskeletal News Roundup 6-Aug-09 BY LAUREN UZDIENSKI, AUGUST 6, 2009

Earnings Alphatec Spine, Inc. announced financial results for FQ2:09. Consolidated revenues for the second quarter 2009 were $32.3 million, an increase of 35% from 2Q:08 and an increase of 5% over first quarter 2009. Adjusted EBITDA reached $2.8 million in... more

Osiris' New Biosurgery Division to Focus on Bone Repair BY ARIELLA P. GOLOMB, MD, AUGUST 5, 2009

Osiris Therapeutics has been at the forefront of developing stem-cell-based products in orthopedics, most notably with their commercialization of Osteocel. That product line was sold to NuVasive last year, leaving Orthofix (who had previously distributed Osteocel under the name Trinity)... more

House Committee Approves Healthcare Reform Bill BY LAUREN UZDIENSKI, AUGUST 3, 2009

While President Obama missed his target of passing healthcare legislation this summer, reform is certainly moving ahead. A House bill overhauling the U.S. healthcare system will receive a floor vote after the August recess, progress that follows a 31-28 positive... more

CMS Rate Increase a Positive for Spine and Ortho BY JOHN MCCORMICK, AUGUST 3, 2009

Late Friday afternoon, CMS issued their final rule for FY2010 for inpatient reimbursement rates. When we reviewed specific areas of spine, the rule turned out to be a boost compared to their April proposal. Spine reimbursement rates were finalized at... more

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