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The Medical Center at Loma Linda University Reduces Orthopedic Procedure Costs by Instituting a Rep-less Sales Model BY ANDREW VAHRADIAN, JANUARY 28, 2016

As a broader effort to cut medical-device costs and improve clinical quality through greater standardization of devices used in surgical procedures, a small number of hospitals around the country are collaborating with manufacturers to train their own employees to provide... more

Medtronic Announces the Publication of the Yale Review of INFUSE BY ANDREW VAHRADIAN, JUNE 19, 2013

Medtronic announced the publication of two highly anticipated independent reviews overseen by Yale University regarding its INFUSE Bone Graft product, the company's proprietary formulation of recombinant human bone morphogenetic protein-2 (rhBMP-2). The results of both analyses, published in the June... more

The FDA Continues to Become More Conservative, Despite ReGen Experience BY DAVID KRESSEL, MARCH 13, 2009

In a recent Wall Street Journal article we blogged about last week, it was alleged that ReGen Biologics was able to put extreme pressure on FDA employees to ensure their Menaflex meniscus repair device was cleared via 510(k). If these... more

Physician Income Cut BY LAING RIKKERS, AUGUST 11, 2006

This week CMS proposed a 5.1% reduction in payments to physicians for 2007. The proposal will impact the 875,000 doctors who care for the elderly and disabled in the US. The explanation for the cut is that spending on physician... more

Preparing for P4P BY LAING RIKKERS, MAY 23, 2006

Pay for performance (P4P) comes up over and over again in reimbursement discussions. In the May 2006 edition of Orthopedics Today, there is an in-depth review of what hospitals, surgeons and other stakeholders should know about P4P. As a reminder,... more

Teamwork in the OR BY HUYEN NGUYEN, MAY 10, 2006

An article in the New York Times reports on the issue of inadequate teamwork in the hospital environment according to a study cited in the Annals of Surgery and The Journal of the American College of Surgeons. The study surveyed... more

Is Biomet Really for Sale? BY HUYEN NGUYEN, APRIL 7, 2006

Biomet was founded twenty-nine years ago with a superb management team including Dane Miller, Ph.D. Dr. Miller became the iconic figure of Biomet and has led the Company on a very successful run with a current market capitalization of $9.5... more

Adverse Selection and Employer Based Insurance Markets [EDITORIAL] BY JOHN MCCORMICK, APRIL 5, 2006

Any microeconomics 101 course worth its salt will try to provide examples of market failure. The most potent market failure arguments can tied to real world problems of information economics where one of the more famous examples used is "adverse... more

2006 Orthopedic Industry Forecast - Strong Growth to Continue BY EDITOR, MARCH 21, 2006

Our current forecast for the orthopedic industry projects continued long term growth of 15%. For 2006, we expect growth to be slightly below this trend, at 12%. Despite continued strength in other segments of the industry, hip and knee reconstruction... more

Misconceptions Regarding Orthopedics Companies BY DAVID KRESSEL, MARCH 6, 2006

The HealthpointCapital blog is read by thousands of people of varied backgrounds: physicians, patients, caregivers, device company employees, consultants and investors. Based on some of the feedback on the blog we see, we felt it was worth clearing up some... more

Patents Deterring Innovation BY LAING RIKKERS, MARCH 1, 2006

The issue of patent protection is high on the minds of people in both the orthopedics industry and US business. Today the lead editorial in the Wall Street Journal (subscription required) ranted about how the patent system, designed to spur... more

Surgeon Choice and Pricing BY LAING RIKKERS, JANUARY 27, 2006

There has been a lot of focus over the past six months on pricing in the orthopedic device market. Two topics generating fear have been (1) HCA's purchasing practices and (2) gainsharing. This week, Melissa Davis of The wrote... more

Orthopedic Journalists Change their Tune BY JOHN CHOPACK, DECEMBER 13, 2005

During the middle of 2005, several journalists covering the orthopedic market from Reuters,, Forbes and The Wall Street Journal Online were harping on the problems facing orthopedic manufacturers. These problems included heavy pricing pressure from hospital administrators, a Department... more

Ethics & Research in Orthopedics BY JOHN CHOPACK, NOVEMBER 30, 2005

In the November issue of the British Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery there were two very interesting editorials: "Ethics in Orthopaedic Surgery" by the Presidents' Council of the Combined Orthopaedic Associations and "Which Research is to be Believed" by... more

Insiders Buying Stryker's Shares (EDITORIAL) BY JOHN MCCORMICK, NOVEMBER 3, 2005

It has never been empirically proven that insider (e.g. management and director) buying of a company's stock guarantees that the stock poised to rise, but it has also never been proven to be a bad sign. That's stating the obvious.... more

Implant Pricing: Not Black and White (EDITORIAL) BY JOHN MCCORMICK, OCTOBER 21, 2005

Is Wall Street's shrill reaction to hip and knee implant pricing concerns overblown? Even with sophisticated econometric tools such a question is difficult to evaluate because we are dealing with an expectations driven phenomenon. So we have our doubts about... more

Privatization of Healthcare in the United States? BY JOHN CHOPACK, AUGUST 31, 2005

There is no denying that healthcare costs continue to accelerate in the U.S. We would argue most of these costs are justified given the continuing technological advancements made within the entire healthcare arena including medical devices and biotechnology. However, we... more

Osteotech: Hostile to Shareholders? BY JOHN MCCORMICK, AUGUST 30, 2005

As many of you now know, the venerable (and world's largest) non-profit tissue bank Musculoskeletal Transplant Foundation (MTF) announced on Monday that is had proposed to acquire all of the outstanding common stock of Osteotech, Inc. (Nasdaq: OSTE) for $6.25... more

Doctors consulting with Investors BY LAING RIKKERS, AUGUST 16, 2005

Doctors as consultants. This is a concept that is very common in the medical device sector. In fact, it is an area that the DoJ is very interested in. Today the New York Times published a story about doctors-as-consultants with... more

Surgeon Owned Distributorships BY RICHARD ZALL, JULY 28, 2005

[Editor's note: We welcome attorney Richard Zall of Mintz, Levin as a guest blogger to answer a question posed by a reader in response to Joane Goodroe's Gainsharing post earlier this week. See Zall's profile here.] Interested in your thoughts... more

Surgeon Owned Distributorships BY RICHARD ZALL, JULY 28, 2005

[Editor's note: We welcome attorney Richard Zall of Mintz, Levin as a guest blogger to answer a question posed by a reader in response to Joane Goodroe's Gainsharing post earlier this week. See Zall's profile here.] Interested in your thoughts... more

Price Pressure & Gainsharing: Media Overkill BY JOHN CHOPACK, JULY 14, 2005

The first time I realized that pricing in orthopedics was a controversial topic was my initial meeting with an O.R. purchasing manager at a large Philadelphia hospital. I had submitted an invoice for a total hip arthroplasty which happened to... more

Behind-the-scenes... BY LAING RIKKERS, JULY 14, 2005

This week HealthpointCapital had lots of private equity activity, as evidenced by the flurry of press releases just below. You may be missing the regular flow of orthopedic news and commentary on the blog, and/or wondering what our press releases... more

What Price Innovation? | EDITORIAL | BY JOHN MCCORMICK, MARCH 21, 2005

I was struck by economist Paul Krugman's article "America's Senior Moment" in the most recent New York Review of Books. In the article Krugman assails the Bush Administration's push for social security "privatization" with the fervor of a campus radical,... more

Direct-to-Consumer Advertising Takes Hold in Orthopedics | EDITORIAL | BY JOHN CHOPACK, JANUARY 24, 2005

Direct-to-consumer advertising has become the most powerful means of marketing pharmaceuticals over the last decade. For years we have seen these strange advertisements which typically only mention the name of a drug and the manufacturer, but withhold any information regarding... more

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