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Encore Medical

Musculoskeletal News Roundup 27-Mar-08 BY LAUREN UZDIENSKI, MARCH 27, 2008

Earnings DJO Inc., formerly ReAble Therapeutics, reported 4Q:07 net sales of $170.7 million, a 97% increase over 4Q:06; the growth rate was due primarily to acquisitions, including ReAble's merger with DJO. The company reported an actual net loss of $57.3... more

Orthopedics News Roundup 24-May-07 BY LAUREN UZDIENSKI, MAY 24, 2007

Earnings Medtronic reported FY2007 earnings of $12.3 billion, an increase of 9% over FY2006. Adjusted income was up 10% to $2.8 billion, or $2.41 per share, an increase of 15% over the previous year. For the fourth quarter, revenue was... more

Orthopedics News Roundup 9-Nov-06 BY LAUREN UZDIENSKI, NOVEMBER 10, 2006

Earnings: Tissue Grafting: Regeneration Technologies, Inc. announced revenues of $18.1 million for 3Q:06, compared to $22.5 million for 3Q:05. RTI said the decrease in revenues was due to fewer tissues available for processing demand and reduced orders from primary distributors.... more

Encore Domestic Implant Sales Strong; Plans in Place for Medical Device Acquisition BY HUYEN NGUYEN, OCTOBER 27, 2006

Encore Medical reported 3Q:06 sales of $92.9 million, representing an increase of 27.8% over 3Q:05. Encore reported $0.01 diluted EPS ($0.05 below analysts' expectations), or a net income of $917,000 (continuing operations only). Net income was negatively impacted by expenses... more

Orthopedic News Roundup 19-Oct-06 BY HUYEN NGUYEN, OCTOBER 19, 2006

Earnings Dental: Lifecore Biomedical announced that 1Q:07 net sales increased 12% to $15 million. Net income for the quarter was $1.1 million, representing a year-over-year increase of 9%. The Company was in-line with analysts' estimates and reported earnings of $0.08... more

Orthopedic News Roundup 10-Aug-06 BY HUYEN NGUYEN, AUGUST 10, 2006

Earnings: Biologics: Orthovita reported 2Q:06 product sales came in at $11.2 million, up 32% compared to 2Q:05. On a non-GAAP basis net loss for the quarter was $5.1 million, or a loss of $0.10 per share. The Company did not... more

Orthopedic News Roundup 3-Aug-06 BY HUYEN NGUYEN, AUGUST 3, 2006

Earnings: Biologics: IsoTis OrthoBiologics reported 2Q:06 revenue of $10.8 million, up 43% compared to $7.5 million in 2Q:05. Its U.S. division grew 22%, while international revenues grew 39%. The Company has three distribution channels: U.S. independent agents, international distributors and... more

Encore Medical's 2Q:06 Financials BY HUYEN NGUYEN, AUGUST 1, 2006

Encore Medical reported 2Q:06 sales of $95.9 million, representing an increase of 28.9% over 2Q:05. Encore reported $0.06 below analysts' expectations and reported a loss of $0.01 diluted earnings per share (EPS), or a net loss of $473,000 (continuing operations... more

Orthopedic News Roundup 6-Jul-06 BY HUYEN NGUYEN, JULY 6, 2006

Appointments: Tutogen Medical appointed Dr. Karl Koschatzky to the position of Managing Director. Dr. Koschatzky will replace Manfred Kruger, who was Tutogen's President of International operations and Managing Director of the German subsidiary. IsoTis OrthoBiologics appointed James William (Jim) Poser,... more

Private Equity Firm to Buy Encore for $870mm BY JOHN MCCORMICK, JULY 3, 2006

After the market close on Friday, a unit of the mega-sized private equity firm Blackstone Group (not to be confused with the spine company) offered Encore Medical Corporation shareholders a 36% premium to take the company private. The enterprise valuation... more

1Q:06 Earnings Summary BY HUYEN NGUYEN, MAY 4, 2006

To update from previous blog, twenty of twenty-four orthopedic companies reported revenues and earnings for the period of January 1, 2006 to April 1, 2006. Excluding Inion, Osteotech, RTI (Regeneration Technologies) and Tutogen, which have not reported yet, total orthopedic... more

1Q:06 Preliminary Earnings Summary BY HUYEN NGUYEN, APRIL 27, 2006

The first group of orthopedic companies reported their 1Q:06 this week and took in $5.3 billion so far. The total aggregated revenues for the quarter were up by 7% from $4.9 billion in 1Q:05. The industry netted $637.8 million, a... more

Orthopedic News Roundup 20-Apr-06 BY HUYEN NGUYEN, APRIL 20, 2006

Many orthopedic companies will be reporting their 1Q:06 results in the next few weeks. The table below provides a listing of conference call dial-in numbers and webcasts for the investment community. How the overall orthopedic industry fared in the first... more

Orthopedic News Roundup 2-Mar-06 BY HUYEN NGUYEN, MARCH 2, 2006

We are preparing for AAOS in Chicago, IL and invite you to check back to our website for information on analyst meetings and our top picks of scientific events happening at AAOS. Earnings: Two hip & knee orthopedic companies (Exactech,... more

Encore Medical Reports 4Q:05 and 2005 Year-end Financials BY JOHN CHOPACK, FEBRUARY 27, 2006

Encore reported revenues of $75 million for the 4Q:05 which was a 10% increase over the 4Q:04 and slightly below analysts' expectations of $76 million. The 4Q:05 represented the first quarter in which comparative results for the Empi acquisition were... more

SG Cowen Drops Coverage of Encore Medical BY JOHN CHOPACK, FEBRUARY 14, 2006

Dhulsini de Zoysa of SG Cowen & Co discontinued coverage of Encore Medical because 80% of their revenues now come from the Company's "slower-growing Orthopedic Rehab franchise". She went on to state that "the company continues to focus on this... more

Orthopedic News Roundup 17-Nov-05 BY HUYEN NGUYEN, NOVEMBER 17, 2005

Regulatory Update: Osteobiologics received FDA clearance on its OsteoChondral Transplant (OCT) Comprehensive System Instruments. The system is intended for the treatment of osteochondral (cartilage) defects in the knee. BioSyntech received an approval from Health Canada, Therapeutic Products Directorate, Medical Devices... more

Encore Medical to Buy Compex Technologies for $109 Million BY JOHN MCCORMICK, NOVEMBER 14, 2005

Encore Medical Corp. (nasdaq: ENMC) announced this morning that it is expanding its presence in the pain management business with the acquisition of Compex Technologies Inc. (nasdaq: CMPX)in an all-stock transaction valued at $109 million. Under the terms of the... more

Orthopedic News Roundup 3-Nov-05 BY HUYEN NGUYEN, NOVEMBER 3, 2005

We wrap up this quarter with aggregated earnings and sales in the public orthopedic sector of $560 million and $5 billion, respectively, as a few more companies reported this week. For 3Q:05, orthopedic sales were up by 13% ($5.0 billion... more

Implant Pricing: Not Black and White (EDITORIAL) BY JOHN MCCORMICK, OCTOBER 21, 2005

Is Wall Street's shrill reaction to hip and knee implant pricing concerns overblown? Even with sophisticated econometric tools such a question is difficult to evaluate because we are dealing with an expectations driven phenomenon. So we have our doubts about... more

Orthopedic Stocks Decline: Our Thoughts BY JOHN CHOPACK, SEPTEMBER 30, 2005

The decline in the valuations of the orthopedic stock prices has reached epic proportions. The 7 leading orthopedic companies which derive a majority of their revenues from hip and knee sales are on average 30% off their 52-Week Highs. Biomet... more

Orthopedic News Roundup 12-Aug-2005 BY HUYEN NGUYEN, AUGUST 12, 2005

This week we completed the orthopedic reporting calendar as a few more companies reported earnings, starting with Synthes, the number #1 trauma company worldwide. Synthes reported 20% growth in both top and bottom line for 1H:05. Consolidated sales reported at... more

Earning Calls Replay Info BY HUYEN NGUYEN, AUGUST 10, 2005

Thanks to one of our readers who reminded me that I should add international dial-in numbers to the conference calls list. Since most of the companies have already reported their earnings, I am providing you with replay information in case... more

Orthopedic News Roundup 5-Aug-05 BY HUYEN NGUYEN, AUGUST 5, 2005

This week we finish off the first half of 2005 reporting season with 17 orthopedic companies* released their financial numbers. In 2Q:05, in an aggregated total, orthopedic revenues increased 16% ($3.8 billion vs. $3.2 billion) and a 25% increased in... more

4Q:04 Orthopedic Wrap-up BY JOHN CHOPACK, MARCH 14, 2005

We have aggregated the 4Q:04 and 3Q:04 reported revenues (includes the effects of foreign currency) for 16 public orthopedic companies. Although we would have liked to use revenue growth rates which excluded foreign currency, a majority of the companies report... more

Encore Medical (ENMC:NASDAQ) Reports 4Q:04 and 2004 Year-end Results BY JOHN CHOPACK, MARCH 7, 2005

From a business development and strategy execution standpoint/2004 was an excellent year for Encore. Management completed two acquisitions (Empi and Osteoimplant Technologies, Inc.) which fits the overall business development strategy of ENMC: growth via acquisition. The acquisitions helped drive revenues... more

2005 AAOS Analyst Meeting Reviews BY JOHN CHOPACK, MARCH 1, 2005

This year we attended Smith & Nephew's, Biomet's, Stryker's, and Encore Medical's analyst meetings. All were very professional and well attended. Here are our notes from each: Smith & Nephew Overview: Although Smith & Nephew posted the best large joint... more

Encore Medical (ENMC:NASDAQ) Reports 12% Sales Growth in 3Q:04 BY JOHN CHOPACK, NOVEMBER 8, 2004

Encore reported its 3Q:04 financials on Monday of last week. Revenues totaled $30.6 million which was a 12% increase over 3Q:03. Earnings totaled $0.04 (excluding certain non-recurring expenses) which was a $0.01 higher than analysts were anticipating and a significant... more

Ceramic-on-Ceramic Hip Arthroplasty: Impact on the Market BY JOHN CHOPACK, OCTOBER 25, 2004

Given that the first ceramic-on-ceramic hip arthroplasty approval came approximately a year and half ago, we thought it would be a good time to analyze its effect on the market to date and what we expect in the future. Although... more

Encore Medical (ENMC:NASDAQ) Reports Revenues Totaled $29.3 Million for the 2Q:04; Analyst were Expecting $30.4 Million BY JOHN CHOPACK, AUGUST 16, 2004

The slight miss in net revenues combined with missing analyst EPS expectations by $0.01 ($0.04 reported versus a $0.05 estimate) sent shares of ENMC downward by 23% on Monday. Encore follows Stryker, Exactech, Wright, and Zimmer who have all seen... more

510(k) Approvals BY EDITOR, JUNE 21, 2004

  Device Applicant 510(k) Decision Date 1 acumed lower extremity congruent plate s acumed llc K033639 1/15/2004 2 titanium cannulated interference screw advanced biomaterial K033749 2/23/2004 3 aesculap absorbable craniofix aesculap, inc. K040080 3/31/2004 4 abc caudal and cranial extension... more

Keramos Ceramic-on-Ceramic Sales Drive an 18% Increase in 1Q:04 Revenues at Encore Medical BY JOHN CHOPACK, MAY 10, 2004

Encore Medical was third to market with an FDA approved ceramic-on-ceramic total hip system behind Wright Medical and Stryker. Being one of the first to market has provided significant benefits at Encore. Keramos hip sales already represent approximately 20% of... more

A Random Walk Down the Academy's Halls BY JOHN CHOPACK, MARCH 22, 2004

Stryker Corp. (SYK:NYSE), in similar fashion to last year, brought and introduced a majority of its operational leaders of its various operating divisions. However, a significant portion of the analyst meeting, especially Q&A, centered around Stephen MacMillan, President & COO,... more

Encore Medical Turns It Around in 2003 BY JOHN CHOPACK, MARCH 8, 2004

Encore (ENMC) management reported revenues of $27.9 million and $108.1 million during the 4Q:03 and 2003, respectively. This represented a 6% and a 13% increase over 4Q:02 and 2002 revenues. In our opinion, the most important revenue turn around during... more

Is the IPO Market Back? BY ROBIN R. YOUNG CFA, JANUARY 12, 2004

Capital markets aren't rational. Otherwise, they'd have longer memories. A year ago, when Zimmer was trading at $40.01, DJ Orthopedics was at $3.66, Encore was at $3.20 and LifeCell was at $2.89, you couldn't buy an orthopedic or medical device... more

Encore Prints More Shares BY EDITOR, DECEMBER 15, 2003

Authorized number of shares popped to 100 million from 50 million. The issue is that with last week's sale of 8 million shares, the number outstanding rose to 44 million. Encore was running out of shares to issue. Believers in... more

Encore Medical Receives FDA approval for Ceramic on Ceramic Hip Components BY EDITOR, DECEMBER 1, 2003

Let the new offering of stock begin! Encore now joins Stryker and Wright Medical with a ceramic-on-ceramic acetabular component. For both of the prior companies, this longer lasting hip replacement has been a significant driver of both revenues and cash... more

Encore Prints More Money BY EDITOR, NOVEMBER 3, 2003

There are two ways to print money if you are a private citizen; counterfeit it – and we all know where that leads – or print stock certificates. Encore announced that it intends to print another 7 million shares. That... more

HealthpointCapital Initiates Research Coverage of Exactech, Inc. and Regeneration Technologies BY EDITOR, MAY 5, 2003

Last week we published our sales and earnings forecast as well as an analysis of future prospects for two companies, Exactech and Regeneration Technologies. We've posted the summary of our analysis for each company on First Call (the Thompson Financial... more

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