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Hospitals and the Credit Markets: An Interview with Wachovia's Mike Matson BY JOHN MCCORMICK, NOVEMBER 5, 2008

Earlier this week we interviewed Wachovia's industrious medical technology and device analyst Mike Matson to revisit his thoughts on how the credit market dislocations are affecting hospital capital spending decisions. McCormick: Mike, thank you for joining us especially with all... more

OIG Approves Gainsharing Program for Ortho and Spine BY LAUREN UZDIENSKI, AUGUST 14, 2008

The OIG has approved the first orthopedic and spine gainsharing project, which will be overseen by Goodroe Healthcare Solutions, LLC. This will be Goodroe's eleventh OIG program; previous programs have been focused on the cardiovascular sector. No details have been... more

CMS Introduces Acute Care Episode Demonstration for Orthopedics BY LAUREN UZDIENSKI, MAY 21, 2008

Hoping to "align financial incentives" between hospitals and physicians, CMS announced plans for an Acute Care Episode (ACE) demonstration that will feature bundled payments for the treatment of certain orthopedic and cardiac patients. CMS argues that bundling, compared to paying... more

Questions and Controversies Still Loom Over Gainsharing BY LAUREN UZDIENSKI, OCTOBER 26, 2007

In a 2006 survey of 95 orthopedists, published in JBJS in September, 61% of respondents said they believed that gainsharing programs ("arrangements in which hospitals and physicians share in any cost savings achieved through greater efficiencies and physicians' effort") were... more

MDMA Celebrates 15 Years: Past Achievements and Looking Ahead BY LAUREN UZDIENSKI, MAY 21, 2007

Last week's Medical Device Manufacturers Association Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C. gave us an opportunity to applaud the passion and dedication that defined MDMA's past accomplishments and will carry future negotiations on regulatory, reimbusement and marketplace issues for smaller device... more

MDMA Looks Ahead: MDUFMA, Reimbursement, Gainsharing and More BY LAUREN UZDIENSKI, JANUARY 22, 2007

This afternoon MDMA held its monthly call, outlining policy changed that are on the horizon for 2007. We've outlined some of their comments below: MDUFMA Negotations for MDUFMA II have been ongoing since February of 2006. The FDA has recently... more

OIG Approves New Gainsharing Plan; AdvaMed Critical BY LAUREN UZDIENSKI, NOVEMBER 28, 2006

Earlier this month, the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) issued a new opinion over gainsharing. The cardiologist group who submitted the request received a favorable response, with the OIG determining that though the arrangement may violate the Social Seucrity... more

Physician Income Cut BY LAING RIKKERS, AUGUST 11, 2006

This week CMS proposed a 5.1% reduction in payments to physicians for 2007. The proposal will impact the 875,000 doctors who care for the elderly and disabled in the US. The explanation for the cut is that spending on physician... more

A Voice for Innovation: MDMA BY LAING RIKKERS, JUNE 16, 2006

On June 14th and 15th, we attended the Medical Device Manufacturers Association (MDMA) Annual Meeting. The organization provides medical device entrepreneurs an opportunity to have their voices heard on the hill. Innovation in our industry generally comes from the smaller... more

Who's Who of the Medical Device Lobby BY ARIELLA P. GOLOMB, MD, JUNE 14, 2006

The Hill, "The Newspaper for and about the U.S. Congress", posted on its website last week a list of 14 top medical device industry lobbyists. Leading this list is Stephen Ubl, who is seen as "a triple-A superweight." Newly appointed... more

Zimmer and HCA Make Up BY DAVID KRESSEL, APRIL 25, 2006

Our regular readers will remember that a few months ago, Zimmer and HCA had an unusually public fight. To briefly review, HCA entered into volume discount contracts with Zimmer, Stryker and DePuy. At year end, the implant companies reported HCA... more

A Surgeon's Look at Costs In Total Joint Arthroplasty BY LAING RIKKERS, MARCH 31, 2006

One of the most informative sessions at AAOS was a section of the Health Policy Update Symposium delivered by William L. Healy, M.D. of the Lahey Clinic. Healy gave real-life examples of the complicated and delicate balance of hospital economics,... more

Surgeon Choice and Pricing BY LAING RIKKERS, JANUARY 27, 2006

There has been a lot of focus over the past six months on pricing in the orthopedic device market. Two topics generating fear have been (1) HCA's purchasing practices and (2) gainsharing. This week, Melissa Davis of The wrote... more

Free sample chapter from Gainsharing 2006 Report BY EDITOR, JANUARY 6, 2006

February 2010 update: This report is no longer available for purchase. Learn more here. A number of people have asked us what we wrote in our Gainsharing report. So we decided to share some of it. The impact of gainsharing... more

New downloadable Orthopedic Report: Gainsharing 2006 - How it Works, and What You Can Do to Prepare BY EDITOR, DECEMBER 16, 2005

February 2010 update: This report is no longer available for purchase. Learn more here. Is the new gainsharing a lion - or a paper tiger? Device manufacturers and surgeons alike ought to get acquainted with the facts behind gainsharing. The... more

Orthopedic News Roundup 8-Dec-05 BY HUYEN NGUYEN, DECEMBER 8, 2005

Due to last week's Merrill Lynch investor conference (subscription may be required), investors have regained confidence in the orthopedic sector after the industry faced some hurdles within the past few months. In our HealthpointCapital Weekly Valuation Index, P/E (price-to-earnings) jumped... more

Study Is Bad News For Specialty Hospitals BY DAVID KRESSEL, OCTOBER 27, 2005

The latest issue of Health Affairs contains a troubling study for the surgeon-owned hospital industry. Jean Mitchell, a professor of public policy at Georgetown University, took an in-depth, quantitative look at heart doctors and hospitals in Arizona. In particular, she... more

Gainsharing and Congress BY JOANE GOODROE, OCTOBER 24, 2005

By Joane H. Goodroe President and CEO Goodroe Healthcare Solutions, LLC [Editor's note: We welcome consultant Joane H. Goodroe as a guest blogger. See her profile here.] On Friday, October 7th, the House Ways and Means Subcommittee on Health held... more

Implant Pricing: Not Black and White (EDITORIAL) BY JOHN MCCORMICK, OCTOBER 21, 2005

Is Wall Street's shrill reaction to hip and knee implant pricing concerns overblown? Even with sophisticated econometric tools such a question is difficult to evaluate because we are dealing with an expectations driven phenomenon. So we have our doubts about... more

Gainsharing: More Data for Today's Congressional Hearing BY LAING RIKKERS, OCTOBER 7, 2005

This morning, the Congressional Subcommittee on Health with be conducting a hearing on gainsharing. Speaking at the hearing as a witness, will be one our guest bloggers, Joane Goodroe. In preparation for the hearing, AdvaMed (an industry group) funded a... more

JVs among Hospitals and Physicians BY DAVID KRESSEL, SEPTEMBER 15, 2005

Yesterday we attended a panel discussion at Mintz Levin called "Show Me the Revenue: Joint Ventures and Alliances Among Hospitals, Physicians and Investor-Owned Companies". Although gainsharing is the latest method for physicians to improve their incomes and possibly lower healthcare... more

The Potential Impact of Gainsharing for Hospitals, Physicians, Industry and Patients BY JOANE GOODROE, SEPTEMBER 7, 2005

[Update: We're moving this entry to the top of the blog due to an interesting dialogue between our readers and the author, Joane Goodroe... a "must read"!] more

Privatization of Healthcare in the United States? BY JOHN CHOPACK, AUGUST 31, 2005

There is no denying that healthcare costs continue to accelerate in the U.S. We would argue most of these costs are justified given the continuing technological advancements made within the entire healthcare arena including medical devices and biotechnology. However, we... more

Gainsharing at Sg2 BY JOHN CHOPACK, AUGUST 15, 2005

This is our final report regarding the Orthopedic Intelligence Conference conducted by Sg2. We wanted to highlight what we considered to be the most significant aspect of the conference -- gainsharing -- a hot topic that has received significant attention... more

Healthcare Policy Conference Notes BY LAING RIKKERS, JUNE 30, 2005

Greetings from the SG Cowen and ISI Health Care Policy Conference in Washington D.C. It's been a full day covering Medicare, Medicaid, FDA, Specialty Hospital Policy and Gainsharing. We've heard from Representative Pete Stark (D-CA) and Senator Debbie Stabenow (D-MI),... more

Healthcare Policy Conference Notes BY LAING RIKKERS, JUNE 30, 2005

Greetings from the SG Cowen and ISI Health Care Policy Conference in Washington D.C. It's been a full day covering Medicare, Medicaid, FDA, Specialty Hospital Policy and Gainsharing. We've heard from Representative Pete Stark (D-CA) and Senator Debbie Stabenow (D-MI),... more

DOJ Attorney Speaks on Subpoenas BY SUSAN BERSON, JUNE 23, 2005

Last week I listened in on an audio conference regarding the DOJ investigations. Certain comments by Jim Sheehan, AUSA for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania were quite interesting and provide some guidance... more

Knowing the Policies BY LAING RIKKERS, JUNE 16, 2005

We think reimbursement and regulatory issues are critical in orthopedics. On June 30th, John McCormick and I will be attending the SG Cowen and ISI Health Care Policy conference in Washington D.C. It looks like a great set of speakers... more

Gain-Sharing: The Lawyers View BY JOHN CHOPACK, APRIL 18, 2005

Background on Gain Sharing. The Hospital Corporation of America ("HCA") has recently asked the Office of Inspector General ("OIG") of the Department of Health & Human Services ("HHS") to allow for "gain-sharing" arrangements. These gain-sharing arrangements would allow hospitals to... more

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