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New Technology

K2M to Acquire e-Fellow and Launches Implant and Services Platform, Balance ACS BY BLAKE MOSSY, MARCH 7, 2017

K2M entered into an agreement to acquire e-Fellow, a mobile software platform that aims to streamline the patient billing and care process. e-Fellow offers service-based technology that provides real-time automated solutions that gathers and secures patient data, insurance preauthorization documentation,... more

Philips is Developing an Augmented-Reality Surgical Navigation System BY ANDREW VAHRADIAN, JANUARY 30, 2017

Royal Philips is developing a fully-automatic augmented-reality surgical navigation system, designed to help surgeons perform image-guided open and minimally-invasive surgeries for spine, cranial and trauma procedures. This next-generation hybrid operating room (OR) technology is the first of its kind in... more

GE to Acquire 75% Stake in Concept Laser BY ANDREW VAHRADIAN, OCTOBER 31, 2016

GE entered into an agreement to acquire a 75% stake in Concept Laser GmbH, a German metal additive manufacturing company, for an implied total transaction value of $798.7 million. Concept Laser manufacturers powder bed-based laser additive manufacturing machines and plant... more

Zimmer Biomet to Acquire Clinical Graphics BY ANDREW VAHRADIAN, SEPTEMBER 26, 2016

Zimmer Biomet entered into an agreement to acquire Clinical Graphics, B.V., a Dutch imaging company that specializes in 3-D range-of-motion simulation technology to help surgeons make treatment decisions for common hip conditions requiring early intervention. Clinical Graphics develops 3-D interactive... more

Researchers Demonstrate that Brain-machine Interfaces Utilized with Robotic Limbs Can Help Paraplegics Regain Partial Sensation and Muscle Control, and Therefore Walk Again BY ANDREW VAHRADIAN, SEPTEMBER 21, 2016

Researchers at Duke University published results of a clinical study in which they restored partial sensation and muscle control in the lower limbs of eight people who had been paralyzed from spinal cord injuries by utilizing brain-controlled robotics. The participants... more

GE to Acquire Both Arcam AB and SLM Solutions for an Aggregate $1.4B BY ANDREW VAHRADIAN, SEPTEMBER 19, 2016

GE entered into agreements to acquire Arcam AB and SLM Solutions Group, two suppliers of additive manufacturing equipment, for approximately $1.4 billion in aggregate. Both transactions will be structured as a public tender offer for all of the outstanding shares... more

StemCells and Microbot Medical Announce Merger BY ANDREW VAHRADIAN, SEPTEMBER 14, 2016

StemCells, Inc. and Microbot Medical Ltd. entered into a definitive merger agreement, in order to pursue the development of robotics based medical devices for the treatment of cerebrospinal fluid and gastrointestinal disorders, as well as other conditions. StemCells is in... more

Stryker to Acquire Ivy Sports Medicine BY ANDREW VAHRADIAN, SEPTEMBER 7, 2016

Stryker's Endoscopy division entered into an agreement to acquire Ivy Sports Medicine, LLC, a company that develops minimally invasive meniscal repair solutions. Under the terms of the transaction, Stryker acquires Ivy's product portfolio which consists of the company's Collagen Meniscus... more

Medtronic Completes the $20M Second Tranche of its Equity Investment in Mazor Robotics BY ANDREW VAHRADIAN, AUGUST 17, 2016

Medtronic completed the second tranche of its equity investment in Mazor Robotics, an Israeli surgical robotics company. Pursuant to a previously executed agreement between the parties, Mazor issued new securities representing 3.40% percent of the company's issued and outstanding share... more

Smith & Nephew’s NAVIO Surgical System Achieves Robotics-assisted Milestone for Total Knee Replacement Surgery BY EDITOR, JULY 28, 2016

Smith & Nephew (NYSE: SNN; LSE:SN), the global medical technology business, announced the first surgical case of its robotics-assisted total knee replacement procedure. The new approach, which recently received 510(k) clearance from the US Food and Drug Administration, uses the... more

Zimmer Biomet Acquires 59% Stake in Medtech SA with Plans to Buy the Remaining Stake in the Future BY ANDREW VAHRADIAN, JULY 19, 2016

Zimmer Biomet acquired a 59% stake in Medtech Société Anonyme, a French-based company that develops surgical robotic technologies to assist surgeons during medico-surgical interventions. The transaction values the business at an approximate enterprise value of $123.5 million, or 9.9x LTM... more

Cartiva Receives Premarket Approval from the FDA for its Cartiva Synthetic Cartilage Implant BY ANDREW VAHRADIAN, JULY 11, 2016

Cartiva received Premarket Approval (PMA) from the FDA for its Cartiva Synthetic Cartilage Implant (SCI) for the treatment of osteoarthritis (OA) at the base of the great toe. SCI marks the first synthetic cartilage device ever to be approved by... more

Medtronic Outlines Certain Details of its Strategic Initiatives in Robotics BY ANDREW VAHRADIAN, JUNE 21, 2016

Along with entering into a two-stage, multi-faceted, commercial agreement with Mazor Robotics for the co-promotion, co-development of robotic-based spine systems and applications, Medtronic outlined other strategic initiatives within the robotics marketplace, including certain parameters on the launch of its proprietary... more

Medtronic to Acquire Responsive Orthopedics BY ANDREW VAHRADIAN, JUNE 7, 2016

Medtronic announced the acquisition of Responsive Orthopedics, a developer of low-cost primary joint replacement systems. In order to address the various macroeconomic changes taking place in the U.S. health care system, Responsive Orthopedics has focused on developing a platform of... more

Johnson & Johnson Divulges a Few Details of its Developing Robot-assisted Surgical Platform BY ANDREW VAHRADIAN, MAY 25, 2016

Along with outlining plans to accelerate the annual growth of its medical device business to 4%-6% through 2020, Johnson & Johnson revealed that the company anticipates its robot-assisted surgery business, Verb Surgical, to transition from the concept phase to product... more

Bionik Laboratories Completes Acquisition of Interactive Motion Technologies BY ANDREW VAHRADIAN, APRIL 28, 2016

Bionik Laboratories completed its all-stock acquisition of Interactive Motion Technologies, Inc. (IMT), a Boston-based developer of robotic systems that provide adaptive therapy to patients with upper and lower body mobility challenges caused by neurological disorders. Under the terms of the... more

Researchers Develop Neuroprosthetic Technology that Allows Amputees to Feel Textures BY ANDREW VAHRADIAN, APRIL 6, 2016

Researchers at the Ecole polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) and Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna (SSSA) institutions, in collaboration with Università di Pisa, IRCCS San Raffaele Pisana, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Università Campus Biomedico, have developed a sophisticated tactile information/feedback system... more

Researchers Help Man Move Prosthetic Arm with His Mind in Proof-of-Concept Study BY ANDREW VAHRADIAN, MARCH 30, 2016

Researchers at Johns Hopkins University demonstrated that a person can control a prosthetic limb through thought alone. As part of an epilepsy treatment regiment, the test patient had to undergo extensive brain mapping to measure his brain activity. In this... more

Researchers Develop Novel 3D Printer and Technique that Overcomes Contemporary Challenges in Bioprinting Human Tissue Structures BY ANDREW VAHRADIAN, MARCH 24, 2016

Researchers at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Centre have developed the integrated tissue-organ printer (ITOP) which can fabricate stable, human-scale tissue constructs of any shape through 3D printing. A key challenge with tissue engineering/bioprinting is being able to produce three-dimensional, vascularized... more

MedTech Enters U.S. Market with the Launch of its ROSA Spine Surgical Robotic Platform BY ANDREW VAHRADIAN, MARCH 15, 2016

MedTech Société Anonyme, a French-based company that develops surgical robotic technologies to assist surgeons during medico-surgical interventions announced the first sale of its ROSA Spine robotic surgery system in the U.S. marketplace. ROSA Spine is a robotic-assistive device indicated for... more

Zimmer Biomet Completes Acquisition of Ortho Transmission BY ANDREW VAHRADIAN, MARCH 2, 2016

Zimmer Biomet completed the acquisition of Ortho Transmission, LLC, a Colorado-based developer of skeletal implant technology for limb amputee patients. Under the terms of the acquisition, Zimmer acquires Ortho Transmission's transcutaneous osseous integrated skeletal implant technology which complements Zimmer's ongoing... more

Smith & Nephew Launches its First 3D-printed Titanium Hip Implant System BY ANDREW VAHRADIAN, MARCH 2, 2016

Smith & Nephew launched its REDAPT Revision Acetabular Fully Porous Cup with CONCELOC Technology, the company's first 3D-printed titanium hip implant. REDAPT is indicated for revision cases where compromised bone makes implant fixation and stability more difficult to implement. Therefore... more

Researchers Developing 3-D Printed Antimicrobial Teeth BY ANDREW VAHRADIAN, FEBRUARY 24, 2016

Researchers at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands are developing an antimicrobial plastic that can be 3-D printed to create replacement teeth with a capability to eliminate oral bacteria. This is a noteworthy technology because getting fitted for a... more

Researchers Develop a Superelastic Adaptive Titanium Alloy That Could Improve the Success Rate of Early-onset Scoliosis Treatments BY ANDREW VAHRADIAN, FEBRUARY 10, 2016

Researchers at Texas A&M University have developed a new titanium shape memory alloy that could improve the success rates and significantly reduce the complications of conventional treatments utilizing spinal screw and rod systems for early-onset scoliosis. Scoliosis is defined as... more

Researchers Develop a New Spinal Fusion Implant that Does Not Require Bone Graft and is Less Invasive BY ANDREW VAHRADIAN, FEBRUARY 4, 2016

Researchers at The University of New South Wales, Australia, have developed a new experimental spinal fusion medical device called "Thru-Fuze", which is less invasive, requires no bone graft to support fusion and affords the patient little to no radiation exposure.... more

Researchers Develop Robotic Exoskeleton System to Improve Rehab for Patients with Shoulder Injuries BY ANDREW VAHRADIAN, JANUARY 21, 2016

Researchers at the Centre for Automation and Robotics at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid in Spain, have developed an intelligent robotic exoskeleton designed to improve the rehabilitation process for patients suffering from shoulder injuries. The human shoulder is one of... more

NuVasive Enters into an Agreement to Acquire Ellipse Technologies BY ANDREW VAHRADIAN, JANUARY 6, 2016

NuVasive entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Ellipse Technologies, Inc., a medical device company focused on progressing procedural solutions for complex skeletal deformity with magnetically adjustable implant systems, for an enterprise value of up to $465 million, or 11.6x... more

Smith & Nephew Completes Acquisition of Surgical Robotics Business Blue Belt Technologies BY EDITOR, JANUARY 5, 2016

Smith & Nephew (LSE:SN, NYSE:SNN), the global medical technology business, announced it has completed the acquisition of Blue Belt Holdings, Inc. (“Blue Belt Technologies”), securing a leading position in the fast-growing area of orthopaedic robotics-assisted surgery. Blue Belt Technologies’ Navio... more

CONMED to Acquire SurgiQuest for $265M BY ANDREW VAHRADIAN, NOVEMBER 30, 2015

CONMED entered into an agreement to acquire SurgiQuest, Inc., the developer of the surgical access management system, AirSeal, for $265 million, or 6.0x LTM revenues of $44 million. The AirSeal System is an integrated access management technology that is utilized... more

Researchers Develop a New Synthetic Bone Grafting Polymer Derived from Cornstarch and Volcanic Ash BY ANDREW VAHRADIAN, NOVEMBER 12, 2015

Researchers at Beaumont Hospital have developed a new synthetic bone grafting material that is comprised of plastic derived from cornstarch combined with Montmorillonite clay, a volcanic ash compound. The new polymer is biodegradable and dissolves in the body over an... more

Cerapedics Receives FDA Approval for its i-FACTOR Bone Graft BY ANDREW VAHRADIAN, NOVEMBER 5, 2015

Cerapedics received approval from the FDA for its Premarket Approval (PMA) application of its i-FACTOR Peptide Enhanced Bone Graft, indicated for use in anterior cervical discectomy and fusion (ACDF) procedures in patients with degenerative cervical disc disease. i-FACTOR is based... more

Researchers Conduct Study on Non-invasive Spinal Cord Stimulation Strategy to Help Paralyzed Individuals Voluntarily Move Their Legs BY ANDREW VAHRADIAN, NOVEMBER 3, 2015

Researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), and the Pavlov Institute in St. Petersburg, Russia, conducted the first study on utilizing non-invasive spinal cord stimulation to help achieve voluntary movement of paralyzed... more

Smith & Nephew Makes Strategic Investment in Surgical Robotics with Acquisition of Blue Belt Technologies BY EDITOR, OCTOBER 29, 2015

Smith & Nephew (LSE:SN, NYSE:SNN), the global medical technology business, announces it has agreed to acquire Blue Belt Holdings, Inc. (“Blue Belt Technologies”) for $275 million, securing a leading position in the fast-growing area of orthopaedic robotics-assisted surgery. “Our experience... more

Researchers Conduct Study on New Limb-lengthening Technique BY ANDREW VAHRADIAN, AUGUST 25, 2015

Researchers at Loyola University Medical Center and the Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS) have conducted a study on a new/alternative limb-lengthening technique that provides patients a less burdensome recovery period while maintaining good-to-excellent outcomes. This technique can help prevent the... more

Moody's Raises U.S. Medical Device Market Rating from Stable to Positive BY ANDREW VAHRADIAN, AUGUST 20, 2015

Moody's Investors Service has raised its outlook for the U.S. medical products and devices industry from "Stable" to "Positive" due to sector mergers and acquisitions (M&A), the commercialization of new products, and an uptick in growth of hospital admissions. In... more

Researchers are Developing Biodegradable Implants from Novel Biomaterials BY ANDREW VAHRADIAN, AUGUST 13, 2015

Researchers at the North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University and University of Pittsburgh's Swanson School of Engineering are developing novel implantable medical devices out of bioresorbable metal alloys for bone fixation. Treatment of complex bone fractures commonly requires metal... more

Researchers Utilize Nanotechnology to Develop an Antibiotic Delivery Approach to Protect Orthopedic and Dental Implants from Infection BY ANDREW VAHRADIAN, JULY 23, 2015

Researchers at the University of Sheffield demonstrated that the application of small quantities of antibiotics to the surface between the polymer layers of orthopedic and dental implants can help prevent bacteria and other harmful microorganisms from attaching, and subsequently growing... more

Researchers Develop a Novel Graphene-based Ink with the Ability to 3-D Print Medical Devices BY ANDREW VAHRADIAN, JUNE 4, 2015

A team of researchers at Northwestern University have developed a novel graphene-based ink that can be utilized to three-dimensionally print large, robust 3-D structures, like scaffolds. Three-dimensional printing of graphene structures has been attempted unsuccessfully before, but with low overall... more

Robotics Coming to a Head at Strategics BY ANDREW VAHRADIAN, MARCH 27, 2015

At the 2015 American Academy of Orthopaedics (AAOS) annual meeting this week, Stryker announced that it received 510(k) clearance from the FDA for a total hip arthroplasty application for its MAKO surgical robotic system. With this approval, Stryker will now... more

Researchers in Development of New Antimicrobial Nanotechnology to Address Orthopedic Implant Infection BY ANDREW VAHRADIAN, MARCH 19, 2015

A team of biomedical engineers at NC State University are in the process of developing battery-activated, antimicrobial nanotechnology built directly into orthopedic implants in order to address the risks of Surgical Site Infections (SSI's). SSI's occur due to bacteria such... more

Researchers Develop Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatment that Eliminates the Need for Drugs BY ANDREW VAHRADIAN, JANUARY 9, 2015

Researchers at the at the Academic Medical Centre in Amsterdam are assessing a new treatment methodology for rheumatoid arthritis that can eliminate the need for patients to take drugs. The novel treatment involves a pacemaker-style bioelectronics device that is implanted... more

3-D Printing Has the Ability to Change the Prosthetics Market BY ANDREW VAHRADIAN, DECEMBER 23, 2014

3-D printing has the ability to change the present business model of the prosthetic and orthotic medical device markets. Medical devices in these industries are traditionally created by a doctor and cost patients thousands of dollars. 3-D printers will allow... more

Researchers Develop New Method to Regenerate the Human Meniscus BY ANDREW VAHRADIAN, DECEMBER 12, 2014

A team of researchers at Columbia University Medical Center describe a newly developed methodology in a paper published in Science Translational Medicine, to replace the human meniscus utilizing a personalized 3-D printed implant (scaffold) infused with human growth factors. Damaged... more

Researchers Develop Novel Medical Device Coating That Repels Blood and Bacteria BY ANDREW VAHRADIAN, NOVEMBER 14, 2014

In a recent study published in Nature Biotechnology, researchers at Harvard University described a newly developed medical device surface coating designed to prevent blood clot formation. After testing the coating on more than 20 different medical surfaces including plastic, glass... more

ReWalk Robotics Prices IPO BY ANDREW VAHRADIAN, SEPTEMBER 22, 2014

ReWalk Robotics priced its initial public offering (IPO) of 3.0 million shares of common stock at a price of $12.00 per share, raising total proceeds of $36 million. This equates to an enterprise value of approximately $155 million. The final... more

Researchers Reveal Nasal Septum Cells’ Ability to Treat Articular Cartilage Defects BY ANDREW VAHRADIAN, SEPTEMBER 12, 2014

A team of researchers at the University and the University Hospital of Basel, revealed that cartilage cells extracted from the nasal septum, called nasal chondrocytes, not only are able to adapt to the environment of the knee joint, but also... more

ReWalk Robotics Proposes Terms for IPO BY ANDREW VAHRADIAN, SEPTEMBER 5, 2014

ReWalk Robotics filed to raise between $54 million and $60 million through a previously 3634">announced initial public offering (IPO), by offering 3.4 million shares of common stock at a proposed price range of $14-$16 a share. At the midpoint of... more

Researchers Develop a New Delivery Approach for Bone Regeneration BY ANDREW VAHRADIAN, AUGUST 28, 2014

A team of researchers at MIT have developed a new approach to bone regeneration and reconstruction called "layer-by-layer assembly". The approach utilizes a very thin, porous, nanostructured, biodegradable poly(lactic-co-glycolic acid) scaffold sheet that incorporates a polyelectrolyte multilayer coating containing active... more

Researchers Develop New Shape-memory Polymer for Craniomaxillofacial Reconstruction BY ANDREW VAHRADIAN, AUGUST 21, 2014

A team of researchers at Texas A&M University have developed a new shape-memory polymer (SMP) for craniomaxillofacial (head, face or jaw) reconstruction and filling of bone defects. The "self-fitting" material expands with warm salt water and molds to the precise... more

FDA Approves the ReWalk Robotic Exoskeleton BY ANDREW VAHRADIAN, JULY 2, 2014

ReWalk Robotics received marketing approval from the U.S. FDA for its ReWalk Personal System for home and community use. The ReWalk device is a custom-fit, wearable robotic exoskeleton that provides powered hip and knee motion to enable individuals with lower... more

Johnson & Johnson Plans to Develop a Line of 3-D Printed Reconstructive Implants BY ANDREW VAHRADIAN, JUNE 26, 2014

Last month, Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) announced that the company plans to file for more than 30 major product approvals within its Medical Device & Diagnostic (MD&D) unit by the end of 2016, in order to bolster the segment's overall... more

Researchers Utilize Laser Therapy to Regenerate Tooth Dentin BY ANDREW VAHRADIAN, JUNE 16, 2014

A new study conducted by a team of researchers from Harvard University and published in Science Translational Medicine, demonstrated that lasers are able to regenerate parts of damaged teeth and in the future, be used to prevent root canal treatments.... more

Researchers Develop New Hydrogel with Enhanced Degradation Kinetics BY ANDREW VAHRADIAN, MAY 22, 2014

Bioengineers at Rice University have developed a novel thermogelling hydrogel that holds potential as a bioscaffold that would support bone and other three-dimensional tissue regrowth through stem cell delivery. The new material, detailed in the American Chemical Society journal Biomacromolecules,... more

Pig-derived Implants Demonstrated to Grow Human Muscle Tissue BY ANDREW VAHRADIAN, MAY 15, 2014

Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh, demonstrated that implanting thin sheets of a scaffold-like material originating from pigs, incited stem cells to regenerate new muscle tissue in human male patients with various disabling leg injuries. Human muscle possesses a moderate... more

Graphene, a Novel and Promising Biomaterial BY ANDREW VAHRADIAN, MAY 7, 2014

Initially derived from graphite, graphene is a metamaterial (a material artificially engineered to have unique properties not commonly found in nature) composed of a single layer of carbon atoms arranged in a 2-dimensional, regular hexagonal (honeycomb) lattice. Graphene was first... more

Researchers Conduct Study on Lizard Cartilage in Hopes of Discovering New Insights into Human Cartilage Regeneration BY ANDREW VAHRADIAN, MARCH 26, 2014

Unlike muscle, human cartilage does not have the ability to heal itself, and as a result of injury or disease, cartilage can become damaged or even wear away, leading to pain and discomfort. This inability to regenerate and heal cartilage... more

Researchers Develop Novel Approach to Grow Cartilage BY ANDREW VAHRADIAN, FEBRUARY 26, 2014

In a recent study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, a team of Duke University biomedical engineers developed a polymer scaffold that utilizes gene therapy vectors to induce stem cells to create the required growth factor... more

3-D Printed Pelvis BY MADISON BEERBOHM, FEBRUARY 12, 2014

A British surgeon has successfully 3-D printed and implanted a pelvis, in what is believed to be the first transplant of its kind. Orthopedic surgeon, Craig Gerrand, from the Newcastle Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, used this innovative procedure three years... more

Researchers Develop an Imaging Technique to Visualize the Internal Motion of Wrist Joints BY ANDREW VAHRADIAN, JANUARY 16, 2014

Researchers at the University of California, Davis, have developed a novel MRI imaging technique that produces videos of wrists in motion. The dynamic imaging technique is benefitcial to diagnosing diseased joints, which are generally rather difficult to diagnose through MRI... more

Globus Medical to Acquire Excelsius Surgical BY ANDREW VAHRADIAN, JANUARY 9, 2014

Globus Medical entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Excelsius Surgical, a company developing a novel surgical robotic positioning platform for the spine, brain and musculoskeletal markets. The financial terms of the deal were not disclosed, however analysts estimate the... more

3-D Bioprinting's Many Possibilities BY ANDREW VAHRADIAN, DECEMBER 17, 2013

Bioprinting, a computer-controlled 3-D printing process utilizing organic inks and robust thermoplastics to assemble living tissue structures, has capabilities ranging from reconstructing sections of the human skull to printing scaffolding structures upon which stem cells can grow into new bones... more

Blue Belt Technologies Announces Clinical Milestone with 100th Navio Assisted Partial Knee Replacement BY EDITOR, NOVEMBER 14, 2013

Blue Belt Technologies announces a clinical milestone for the Navio Orthopedic Surgical System with the 100th robotic-control assisted partial knee replacement surgery performed on November 13, 2013. Dr. Jess H. Lonner performed the 100th Navio case, which occurred at the... more

Blue Belt Technologies’ Navio System Assists in Live Partial Knee Surgery Event BY EDITOR, NOVEMBER 14, 2013

Blue Belt Technologies participated in a live surgery day with Dr. Raul Marquez at Cornerstone Regional Hospital, a 14 bed acute care facility in Edinburg, Texas. Dr. Marquez utilized the precision assistance of the Navio surgical system to perform a... more

Researchers Develop Scaffolds with Greater Biocompatibility by Using Riboflavin BY ANDREW VAHRADIAN, OCTOBER 31, 2013

According to new research from a group of biomedical engineers in North Carolina, Riboflavin, or Vitamin B2, could be utilized to make 3-D printed scaffolds for custom medical implants more biocompatible with the human body. Three-dimensional printing which creates finely... more

The FDA Outlines Approach to Personalized Medicine BY ANDREW VAHRADIAN, OCTOBER 31, 2013

It is widely believed that personalized medicine will dramatically change the manner in which medical devices and drugs are developed, tested, and regulated. The FDA believes that with the progression of science, technology and the understanding of the underlying mechanisms... more

Blue Belt Technologies Announces First Sale of the Navio System to a Surgery Center and First Worldwide STRIDE Case BY EDITOR, OCTOBER 15, 2013

Blue Belt Technologies announces the first sale of a Navio orthopedic surgical system to an Ambulatory Surgery Center. The Thomas Jefferson Riverview Surgical Center, at the Navy Yard in Philadelphia, entered into an agreement to purchase Blue Belt’s Navio robotic-controlled... more

Harvard to Collaborate with Charité on Musculoskeletal Tissue Engineering BY ANDREW VAHRADIAN, OCTOBER 2, 2013

The Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering at Harvard University has entered into a collaboration agreement with Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin, in order to expedite clinical translation of new materials and tissue engineering technologies for the orthopedics and connective tissue... more

Researchers Develop Transparent Ceramic Skull Implant BY ANDREW VAHRADIAN, SEPTEMBER 4, 2013

A team of researchers from the University of California, Riverside, have developed a novel transparent skull implant that they hope will eventually provide new treatment options for patients with life-threatening neurological disorders, such as brain cancer and traumatic brain injury.... more

3-D Bioprinting as a Means of Developing Soft Tissue Structures BY ANDREW VAHRADIAN, AUGUST 23, 2013

There has been a rise in the levels of interest revolving around the potential of 3-D printers to develop living tissue structures. Such technology could transform the world of medicine as we know it, eventually making it possible to construct... more

Chinese Research Team Conducting Study on 3D Printed Spinal Implants BY ANDREW VAHRADIAN, AUGUST 15, 2013

At the Peking University Third Hospital in Beijing, Dr. Liu Zhongjun, Chairman of the Department of Orthopedic surgery and the Research Center of Spinal Surgery, Peking University, is leading a team of researchers in the process of conducting human clinical... more

Bioactive Glass Scaffolds Demonstrate Potential as Weight-bearing Implants BY ANDREW VAHRADIAN, AUGUST 1, 2013

Researchers at Missouri University of Science and Technology have developed a type of glass implant that could one day be used to repair injured bones in the arms, legs and other areas of the body that are most subject to... more

Medical Device Segment Outperforms All other Industries in Patent Growth BY ANDREW VAHRADIAN, APRIL 8, 2013

The latest State of Innovation report from Thomson Reuters revealed that the Medical Device industry accounted for 8% of global patent activity in 2012 and that the segment experienced the largest rate of prior period patent growth, increasing approximately 16%... more

The MHRA Launches "Innovation Office" to Promote the Development of Novel Medicines and Devices in the UK BY ANDREW VAHRADIAN, MARCH 18, 2013

As part of the UK government's Life Sciences Strategy, the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), has launched a virtual "Innovation Office" online in order to provide advice and assistance to companies developing innovative products or exploring innovative approaches... more

Researchers Develop Material with the Potential to Promote Bone Formation BY ANDREW VAHRADIAN, FEBRUARY 11, 2013

Researchers at the Universities of Edinburgh and Southampton have discovered an amalgamation utilizing stem cells and a new lightweight plastic that can support bone formation. In the study, published in Advanced Functional Materials, the researchers determined that by combining bone... more

Robotic Suits Help Patients Walk BY LAUREN UZDIENSKI, SEPTEMBER 14, 2012

The New York Times highlighted robotic suits in an article published this week, new technology that can help paralyzed patients walk. Further, the military is looking at the suits to make soldiers "superhuman." more

Mazor Raises $15M for U.S. ADR Program BY LAUREN UZDIENSKI, AUGUST 14, 2012

Israeli company Mazor Robotics, which currently trades on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange under the symbol MZOR, announced a $15 million private placement that the company will use to support an ADR program. ADRs allow non-U.S. companies to trade on U.S. exchanges. The investment, led by Oracle Investment Management, consists of two tranches of $7.5 million each. more

Musculoskeletal News Roundup 9-Feb-12 BY LAUREN UZDIENSKI, FEBRUARY 9, 2012

Product launches from AAOS ... Nobel Biocare announces 4Q ... Hospitals settle Medicare fraud claims over kyphoplasty billing ... Updates on the American Joint Replacement Registry ... Stryker announces inventory management system rollout more

Musculoskeletal News Roundup 19-Jan-12 BY LAUREN UZDIENSKI, JANUARY 19, 2012

ZMH acquires Synvasive Technology ... Carticept, DiFusion announce funding rounds ... KFx announces ACL study results ... MedShape launches ExoShape Soft Tissue Fastener ... VG Innovations releases VerteLoc v2.5 ... Stryker settles OP-1 charges ... Zyga Technology appoints president and CEO more

Musculoskeletal News Roundup 12-Jan-12 BY LAUREN UZDIENSKI, JANUARY 12, 2012

MAKO, NUVA, OFIX, SYK, TRNX pre-announce ... FDA clears Biomet's E1 humeral bearing and Comprehensive Segmental Revision System ... Ortho Kinematics receives 510(k) clearance ... Lanx announces 100th implantation of Durango ... Mazor receives EU patent ... SNN announces VISIONAIRE study ... Arthrex to market ThermoGenesis PRP, bone marrow concentrate product ... Pioneer Surgical promotes Daniel Webber to CEO more

Gov. Rick Perry Brings Attention to Stem Cells BY LAUREN UZDIENSKI, AUGUST 10, 2011

Texas governor Rick Perry may be known for his economic conservatism and criticism of President Obama's healthcare overhaul, but lately he's been in the media for a different reason: his support of the use of autologous stem cells in the U.S. Gov. Perry recently underwent a spinal fusion to treat a "recurring back injury", during which he received a dose of his own cultured stem cells. Perry and his surgeon have become public champions for the procedure. more

Ortho-Tag Transmits Device Data Wirelessly BY LAUREN UZDIENSKI, JUNE 20, 2011

A new device developed at the University of Pittsburgh uses RFID technology to wirelessly transmit data about an orthopedic implant to physicians. The device, called Ortho-Tag, is attached to an implantable device, and information can be recalled later by holding a handheld probe to the patient's skin. more

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